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Horticultural Trials

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Three Root Biomass and Bacterial Count Trials
using Humate and Viresco

Golf Course Trial

Between July and September 1998, London University carried out a series of tests at 4 golf courses in the south of England. The 72 greens at the 4 courses along with one practice green were used as the test areas. The trials looked at changes in bacterial counts and root biomass.

Two separate trials were carried out. In one trial, the 72 greens were all treated with only Viresco™ Foliar. Because in every case the whole of the green was treated, the collars around the greens were used as control.

This trial started at the beginning of July and continued to the end of September, a period of about 3 months. Microbial counts were made prior to treatment in early July and at the end of September 1998. Root biomass checks were made at the same times.

In the other trial, a practice green at one of the courses was used. Twenty one-metre squares were measured out. Ten areas were used for the test and the other ten used as control. For the test areas medium grade granular Humate, Viresco™ Soluble and Viresco™ Foliar were used. The Humate was put on as a pre-treatment, followed by an application of Viresco™ Soluble as an inoculant with monthly applications of Viresco™ Foliar. The trial started in late July and finished in late September, ie a period of only 2 months. As in the main trial, bacterial counts and root biomass measurements were made immediately prior to the trial and again at the end of September.

Bacterial counts are expressed in millions per gram of soil. Root biomass is expressed in grams and is an average of 3 x 2½" cores.

In the trial on the 72 greens using only Viresco™ Foliar, there was a statistically significant increase in the microbial counts and in the root biomass. Bacterial counts went up on average by about 27.5% whilst in the control plots it went down by about 5%.

The root biomass increased on average in the test plots by about 15% whereas in the control plots it went down by less than 1%, ie in effect, no change.


In the trial on the practice green where Granular Humate, Viresco™ Soluble and Viresco™ Foliar were used over a shorter period of time (2 months instead of 3 months).

The bacterial count went up on average by 98.8%, ie from 1.67 million per gram to 3.32 million per gram, in the test plots whereas in the control plots it went down by 8.7%. The root biomass in the test plots increased on average by 29.4%, ie from 4.89g to 6.33g, whereas in the control plots there was no change

The first bar chart shows the bacterial counts on the 10 untreated plots at the beginning and at the end of the two months trial period. The second bar chart shows the counts on the treated plots before and after the trial.



The third and fourth bar charts relate to the root biomass test over the two month trial period. One chart shows the changes in root mass in the untreated plots and the other shows the changes in the treated plots.

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