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Viresco (UK) Limited is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 5079726 VAT No: 481 9223 35 © 2003-2012

Suppliers of speciality products for the amateur pondkeeper and gardener worldwide

Aquatic Products

Viresco™ and Humate Aquatic Products

Viresco™ Aqua    Basket Buy Online
Viresco Aqua was introduced in autumn 1997. This product was originally formulated for use on commercial fish farms to improve the growth and health of the fish. It was a bonus that it turned out to suppress algae as well! Viresco Aqua contains a microbial mixture that removes nitrate and reduces phosphate. These nutrients are the main food source for algae. Once the nitrate drops to zero, the algae dies of starvation. The nitrate level will remain at zero, usually for many weeks and, for some, many months. Viresco Aqua also contains an organic waste digester which will eliminate pond detritus.

Viresco™ Koi    Basket Buy Online
Most koi keepers keep very clean ponds and do not have a need for the organic waste digester part of Viresco Aqua. Therefore, in April 2000, we introduced Viresco Koi. This contains mainly nutrient remover.

Viresco™ Digester    Basket Buy Online
In July 2001, we introduced VirescoDigester which is the third member of the "family". It contains mainly organic waste digester and none of the nutrient remover.

Viresco™ Aquarium   Basket Buy Online
In early 2003, we introduced Viresco Aquarium. This product will remove nitrate and reduce phosphate in all freshwater aquariums. It will prevent the build up of algae bloom on the glass surfaces. Viresco Aquarium, which will also digest organic waste, is packed in small capsules, each of which will treat 10 to 15 gallons (45 to 70 litres) of water.

Viresco™ Filter-Start    Basket Buy Online
We also sell a Viresco product for the introduction of bacteria into new or existing filters.

Microboost    Basket Buy Online
Microboost is a coarse grade granular Humate based food source for pond micro-organisms. It also contains some Viresco Aqua. It boosts dramatically the numbers of micro-organisms in pond water and should be used to speed up the nitrate reduction and/or waste digestion action of the Viresco products.

Viresco NitroGone    Basket Buy Online
Since Viresco™ Aqua was introduced in 1997, the emphasis has been on algae removal in ponds and aquariums.  This takes place because certain microbes in the mixes convert nitrate to nitrogen, thus removing the food source that is essential for algae growth.  With the introduction of the Viresco NitroGone tablets, the emphasis is switched from algae control to ammonia and nitrite conversion. 

The tablets, available in two sizes, should be used when ammonia and nitrite levels in ponds are problematical. The 1g size tablet would normally treat 500 gallons and is available in 5 tablet and 10 tablet pack sizes.  A 2g tablet is available for larger water volumes in two pack sizes, 5 tablets and 10 tablets. Increased doses should be made if fish stocking levels are high or where there is a need to reduce the ammonia or nitrate levels quickly.

Humavite    Basket Buy Online
Humavite™ is an immune system booster.  It is also a very good anti-oxidant, removing health damaging free radicals from animal bodies.  Humavite™ has the capability of removing heavy metals from soil, water and animal body systems.  It also contains a whole range of micronutrients that are essential for good animal health.

In the ideal world, Humavite™ should be included in all manufactured fish foods.  Its rate of incorporation would be of the order of 500g per 100kg of food. To calculate the dose, for a fish weighing, say, 1kg assume it eats 2% of its weight in food per day.  This equals 20g.  At an incorporation rate of Humavite™ of 500g per 100kg of food, ie 0.5%, the amount of Humavite™ required daily for that size of fish would be 0.1g.

We offer Humavite™ as a fish food supplement or additive in two different forms, depending on which might best suit the customer.   It is available as a powder which should be mixed with fish food paste powder.  Its rate of incorporation should be 5g per kilo of paste food made.  In addition, we also supply Humavite™ in capsules that can be ingested by people.

Viresco™ Probiotic    Basket Buy Online
In certain koi foods, there are included probiotic bacteria that improve the digestive process of the fish.  These bacteria suppress disease micro-organisms in the gut that might otherwise become pathogenic.  Food is more efficiently digested, resulting in a lower load on the bio-filter with a consequent improvement in water quality.  We are able to offer such a microbial product under the name Viresco™ Probiotic.  Our product will help to boost the fish immune system which is particularly important with pond fish as they come out of the cold spell at the end of winter.  This is when their immune system is at its lowest.

Viresco™ Probiotic is used at the rate of about 2.5g in 1kg of fish food.. The dry powder should be mixed into a food paste. It is available as a powder in 25g packs.

Peroxyaqua C -    Basket Buy Online
We have available products that release oxygen on contact with water.  They have a use in both horticultural and aquatic applications.  In horticulture, where they are mixed into growing media, the rate of oxygen release should be relatively slow.  A quicker release rate is required for our two main applications in aquatics.  The first of these is the additional supply of oxygen into pond water.  The second application is the provision of oxygenated water near the bottoms of lakes or ponds to help decompose, under aerobic conditions, dead organic matter such as leaves.

Nitrate Test Kits    Basket Buy Online
Our microbial products work by bringing the nitrate content in ponds and aquariums down to zero so that blanketweed and algae cannot grow.  We often recommend nitrate testing to our customers to help monitor nitrate levels. We researched the market and discovered that many of the existing test kits involved mixing of chemicals and complex instructions. Our kit is very easy to use – it consists of ten foil-wrapped dip-strips and a simple colour chart. It is packed in a flat plastic bag – ideal for mail-order and great for easy storage. As an added bonus, Viresco™ Nitrate Test Kit indicates presence of nitrite, allowing detailed checking of water quality.


In addition to the release of additional oxygen into the water, these products will also reduce chlorine in the water.

This product is available in tablet form. The tablets, which weigh 2g, contain oxygenating powder plus montmorillonite clay. 

The benefits of our Aquatic Viresco™ products are:
» Non-chemical - totally biological
» Easy to use
» One application can last many months
» Improves fish health
» Reduces incidence of fish diseases
» Helps to digest organic waste in ponds
» Long shelf life
» Harmless to fish, wildlife and plant
» Creates a healthy, balanced environment in the pond
» Removes nitrate in pond water
» Reduces phosphate in water
» Can be overdosed with no problems
Different names for
Pond Algae

Blanket Weed
Curly Weed
Filamentous Algae
Silk Weed
String Algae
Stringy Algae

Algae Bloom
Algae Blooms
Algal Bloom
Algal Blooms
Blue/Green Algae
Green Water
Pea Soup Algae
Pea Soup Green Algae
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