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Suppliers of speciality products for the amateur pondkeeper and gardener worldwide

Customer Feedback on Aquatic Products

Viresco - Improves Vitality

Happy Koi, a trade customer in South Africa has written the following on their website www.happykoi.co.za:

“Viresco - improves Koi's vitality and activity level - An interesting side effect of Viresco

In our warmer Koi keeping waters we have noticed that Viresco has had an unexpected result on our Koi. It just goes to show that there is far more to water and keeping fish than we can possibly know about or measure ...

After about two weeks of Viresco in a pond, across the board, we have noticed that the activity levels of our Koi have suddenly scaled up dramatically. They seem to be hungrier, they rush around the pond like mad things and generally act as if they were 'Koi on Speed'. And their appetites seem never ending. I feed some of my ponds up to 8 times a day ...

I think that if there were an 'anti-Ritalin' for fish, this would be it! I observed this a while ago and got some feedback from Koi keepers who have used Viresco on their ponds.

Typical of them is this response from Peter in the Western Cape:

"Regarding Viresco. I have also noticed that the fish are extremely active and seem extremely hungry. I also notice that in some the body shape has become far thinner which could either be the females that have spawned or the increase in activity (I still feed about the same quantities as I am concerned about the nitrates). Another change is in the colour; I have noticed far more vibrancy coming through, even though my prize tancho female lost her incredible red mark on her head after spawning and is now a very plain large (45cm) white fish. Concerning the water, after two weeks the nitrate levels had not dropped. I have not tested in the last two weeks and will do so over the weekend to check the nitrate levels. I have however noticed that I have vibrant green string algae on the rocks of my waterfall which to me is 'good' algae. The levels of black algae have reduced and are no longer visible on the leaf catcher. Regards, Peter.

Find me another Koi site that reproduces a warts and all response like that!

I do have a few observations of my own. Viresco can take longer in some ponds than in others to drop the nitrates. Typically it does so between 2 and 4 weeks after the initial dose, and if you have a high fish loading you may need to treat a second time. I can assure you that it is in no way responsible for a fish losing its colour! That's pure genetics and bloodline coming to the fore there.”