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Viresco (UK) Ltd Tel: 44 (0)1845 525585 Fax: 44 (0)1845 523133

Viresco (UK) Limited is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 5079726 VAT No: 481 9223 35 © 2003-2012

Suppliers of speciality products for the amateur pondkeeper and gardener worldwide

Customer Feedback

A letter from one happy customer

Viresco (UK) Ltd


Dear Viresco,

Just thought I would send in a few words regarding your excellent products that I have used now for many years.

I have found that by using a combo of Viresco Koi & Viresco Digester , or Viresco Aqua & Viresco Digester around mid spring , early summer, we then have a crystal clear pond for months.

Many years ago, I like lots of pond owners used nearly every product on the market. That often proved to be a waste of money. We have a good stock of Koi and the health of our fish is important to us, so we have a very good filtration system. The Viresco products are an important part of the system maintaining the health of our fish.

The pond is a decent size & holds a few thousand gallons of water. Every summer, because the pond is south facing, we spent hours in the past winding out long strings of algae. Since using the Viresco products - I have settled with a combination of  10 g Viresco Koi and 10 g of Viresco Digester - the long strings of Algae either don’t appear or shrink away rapidly .

Even string Algae attached within the rocks on the cascade disappear and the water is so clear that 2 mm pieces of gravel on the bottom of our pond can be clearly seen. The fish are very healthy and minor scratches & knocks caused by spawning clear up much more quickly than before we used Viresco products.

We don’t spend hundreds of pounds anymore on chemicals, some of which are probably not good for fish or plant life. The nitrate levels practically drop by the hour using the correct Viresco products.

Viresco Koi &  Viresco Digester and other pond products are not cheap; however used as instructed, those small packets produce billions of effective lifeforms which busy themselves reproducing at a mind boggling rate and then becoming part of your ponds eco system in a most efficient and helpful fashion. The fish benefit because their natural bio defence coat of slime is enhanced in a symbiotic fashion reference scratches & knocks; those lesions heal up far more rapidly using Viresco.

In the past before we used Viresco we used to have to isolate fish in a tank and apply various potions to stave off death from cuts that became ulcerated. One fish with a near pit in its shoulder healed in less than a fortnight swimming in our pond with Viresco Koi  in the water.

I fully back the product and will continue to use the Viresco products.


Mr S. – Liverpool
(Edited for clarity)