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Suppliers of speciality products for the amateur pondkeeper and gardener worldwide

Horticultural Trials

In 2014 we undertook trials of our Humate product with York University. Their Biorenewables Development Centre investigated the efficacy of peat free compost containing Humate in comparison to traditional peat based compost as a growing medium*.

Trials with Snapdragons and Basil using coir-based compost, peat, and coir with Humate powder showed that growth of both plants was as good for the Basil and better for the Snapdragons when Humate was present in the coir compost. The roots of the plants grown in coir plus Humate were visibly thicker and more branched than those grown in just peat or just coir.

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Three Root Biomass and Bacterial Count Trials using Humate and Viresco


Between July and September 1998, London University carried out a series of tests at 4 golf courses in the south of England. The 72 greens at the 4 courses along with one practice green were used as the test areas. The trials looked at changes in bacterial counts and root biomass.   
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During the football season 1999/2000, a trial was conducted at The Dell, the ground of Southampton FC using Humates and Viresco to see their effect on root biomass and bacterial counts.
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During the summer 2000, a trial was carried out using a foliar Viresco™ product on grass leaf. This test looked at populations of bacteria on the leaf and their longevity.  
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