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Horticultural Products: VirescoT Soluble, Foliar, Mycorrhiza, Composter, Hydroponics - Viresco UK - Aquatic Weed Control and Horticultural Supplies

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Viresco (UK) Ltd Tel: 44 (0)1845 525585 Fax: 44 (0)1845 523133 Email:sales@viresco-uk.com

Viresco (UK) Limited is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 5079726 VAT No: 481 9223 35 © 2003-2012

Suppliers of speciality products for the amateur pondkeeper and gardener worldwide

Horticultural Products

Viresco™ Products in Horticulture

Viresco™ products contain mixtures of aerobic microbes, anaerobic microbes and facultative microbes. The two main products used for the cultivation of plants are Viresco™ Soluble, applied to the soil or other growing medium, and Viresco™ Foliar, applied to the leaf.

Viresco™ Soluble is normally used only once per season. As plants are potted up or planted out, ensure that the new growing medium receives the treatment. Where there is a tendency for disease to occur, eg fusarium in leek trenches, it is advisable to make more than one application on to the soil. In conjunction with the above, it is recommended that Viresco™ Foliar is sprayed on to the leaves every month during the growing season. Viresco™ Foliar, which contains 50% of Viresco™ Soluble, can also be used on the growing medium when the risk of disease is high.

Whilst all the Viresco™ products contain some Humate, improved results occur if more Humate is used, particularly granular Humate. Also, if the soil has been treated with a fungicide or disinfectant, wait until it has broken down before applying the Viresco products.

All the Viresco™ products are dry powders which keep in that form indefinitely. When they are dissolved, prior to application, it is recommended that the solution is allowed to stand for a few hours, for example overnight, before using so that the dormant micro-organisms become active. Then the prepared solution should be used within 24 hours of mixing.

The Viresco™ products used in growing media and for general garden use are described below.

Viresco™ Soluble    Basket Buy Online
This is a soluble powder which should be dissolved in water before use. It should be watered on to and then watered into all types of growing media. Use normally once per season, preferably within a Humate programme. More than one application is recommended where there is a high probability of disease occurring. The 25g pack will treat an area of 75m².

Viresco™ Foliar    Basket Buy Online
This is a mixture containing 50% of Viresco Soluble and 50% of another microbial product designed for foliar application. It is important to use Viresco™ Foliar on leaves in addition to using Viresco™ Soluble on the soil. The two products, with added Humate, make up a total programme for continued plant health. We are selling double packs of both Soluble and Foliar Viresco products. Use Viresco™ Foliar monthly throughout the growing season. Prior to spraying, dissolve in an appropriate amount of water to give the correct coverage. The 50g pack will treat an area of about 400m² of turf or other equivalent leaf area. It is more difficult to estimate how much leaf area Viresco™ Foliar will treat when applied to plants other than fine turf. As mentioned above, the Foliar can also be used as a booster for Viresco™ Soluble on growing media when there is a high chance of disease occurring without its use.

Viresco™ Double Pack (V. Soluble and V. Foliar)    Basket Buy Online
As mentioned above, the two Viresco™ products mainly used by the gardener are the Soluble and the Foliar and it is important these products are used together, ie the Soluble, in solution, is applied to and watered into the growing medium and the Foliar is sprayed monthly onto the plant foliage. In order to encourage the use of both these products, we are offering a double pack of both products at a discounted price. The double pack contains 25g of Viresco™ Soluble and 25g of Viresco™ Foliar. The price for the double pack offers a saving of over 10% with the items taken separately.

Viresco™ Mycorrhiza    Basket Buy Online
This product is a modified Viresco™ Foliar. It contains the micro-organisms that are in Viresco™ Foliar with a further 11 mycorrhizal fungi species. These include 7 endotrophic and 4 ectotrophic types. Viresco™ Mycorrhiza is sprayed on to both the leaves and the growing medium surface. The solution should be washed into the growing medium but only lightly washed off the foliage. An appropriately sized pinch of dry Viresco™ Mycorrhiza can also be mixed in amongst the roots of plants as they are potted on or planted out.

Viresco™ Hydroponics    Basket Buy Online
We sell a micro-organism product specially formulated for use in hydroponics by the trade. There is an increasing interest amongst amateur growers to grow certain crops hydroponically. We are now providing this same micro-organism product bulked-up with soluble powder Humate As. The 50g pack will treat 1000 litres of nutrient solution.

Viresco™ Composter S    Basket Buy Online
This product is used for composting waste. Viresco™ Composter contains micro-organism species that breakdown cellulose along with soluble Humate As as a bulking agent. The 50g pack will break down about 5m³ of garden waste.