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Viresco (UK) Ltd Tel: 44 (0)1845 525585 Fax: 44 (0)1845 523133

Viresco (UK) Limited is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 5079726 VAT No: 481 9223 35 © 2003-2012

Suppliers of speciality products for the amateur pondkeeper and gardener worldwide

Retailer / Trade Products

Whilst the primary purpose of this website is to sell flat packs of products to the amateur pondkeeper and gardener worldwide, it should be pointed out that we are selling a number of our products to retail outlets in both the aquatic and horticultural markets. These retail packs all have a different style of label and packaging from the standard mail order range.

We are able to produce good quality waterproof laser labels in-house so where there might be a requirement for short runs of a product, we can produce small numbers of labels when appropriate.

Aquatic Products

In 2002, we introduced retail packs of Viresco™ Aqua, Viresco™ Koi, Viresco™ Aquarium and Viresco™ Pond.

Viresco™ Aqua and Viresco™ Koi both come in 5g, 10g and 25g tubs. These packs will treat 3,000 gallons (13,600 litres), 6,000 gallons (27,200 litres) and 15,000 gallons (68,200 litres) respectively.

Viresco Aqua and Viresco Koi

Viresco™ Pond is Viresco™ Aqua bulked up with fine powdered montmorillonite clay and is aimed at the smaller pond market. It, too, is packed in 5g, 10g and 25g sizes. However, the water volumes treated are, respectively, 250 gallons (1,150 litres), 500 gallons (2,300 litres) and 1,250 gallons (5,700 litres).

Viresco™ Aquarium is packed in small capsules, each capsule treating 10 to 15 gallons. The retail tubs are packed in units of 10, 25 and 50 capsules.

We are also able to offer Viresco™ Digester. The microbes in this product will digest away any dead organic matter in ponds.

Horticultural Products

In 2005, we put 15 of our horticultural products into new packaging suitable for selling through retail outlets. These items include 4 humic acid/fulvic acid products, 6 Viresco™ microbial products, 3 specialist liquid fertilisers, an amino acid product and a spreader/wetter.

Horticultural products

The first four mentioned products are Humate (granular), Humate (liquid), Humate Iron Chelate (soluble) and Fulvic Acid (soluble capsules).

Horticultural products

The microbial products are Viresco™ Soluble, Viresco™ Foliar, Viresco™ Dry, Viresco™ Mycorrhiza, Viresco™ Hydroponics and a double pack of Viresco™ Soluble plus Viresco™ Foliar.

Microbial products

The three liquid fertilisers are Liquid Nitrogen (28:0:0), Liquid Potassium (0:0:28) and Liquid Calcium (N 4%, Ca 8%). They are described as the “Specialist” range of products for the exhibitor and discerning grower.

3 liquid fertilisers - nitrogen - potassium - calcium
Finally, we offer an Amino Acid liquid and spreader/wetter called Aqua-Aid.
Aqua-aid - amino acid liquid