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Viresco (UK) Ltd Tel: 44 (0)1845 525585 Fax: 44 (0)1845 523133

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Suppliers of speciality products for the amateur pondkeeper and gardener worldwide

Other Aquatic Products

We offer a number of other products for our Aquatics customers – as many of these are large volume, we sell only within the UK. If you would like to order, please call us on 01845 525585, email us on or download our mail order catalogue and order form.


(Montmorillonite Clay Powder)

Montmorillonite clay is used primarily in koi ponds.  The fine montmorillonite clay, mixed into water and then poured into the pond, forms a cloud through which the fish swim.  The clay is taken internally by the fish.  It improves their digestive processes and gives an improved lustre to the colours of the fish.  We are selling two versions of this product.  Bri-Vita is the straight montmorillonite whilst Bri-Vita Plus is a mixture of the pure montmorillonite and Viresco™ Aqua.  The amount of Viresco™ Aqua it contains is such that it will provide a full treatment of the micro-organisms after 5 applications.  Both products would usually be used once per week but every two weeks in the winter.  The rate of use for both products is 40g per 1000 gallons.

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Bri-Vita Plus



AQUACLIN - Aquatic Plant Fertiliser

Our zeolite based Aquaclin fertiliser offers to the pondkeeper a way of putting fertilisers to aquatic plants without the nutrients dissolving out.  The nutrients, with the exception of phosphate, are adsorbed on to zeolite granules and will only come out by direct root hair contact.  The plant only takes out what is required.  The analysis is 0.44% N as ammonium, 0.24% P, 1.40% K with Mg, Ca and other micro-nutrients.  Use at 10% to 25% rate mixed with aquatic composts.

We have one customer who is a commercial grower of aquatic plants.  He now grows his plants in 100% Aquaclin, in effect hydroponically.  The results are brilliant – the plants do not bolt and when he sells them by mail order, the roots have very liitle aggregate cling to them.  His postage/carrier costs are consequently reduced.

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Many koi keepers erect shading over their ponds to cut back on the direct sunlight that hits the surface of the water. The brighter the light entering the water, the more rapidly blanketweed will grow.  A way to reduce the intensity of light under the surface of the water is to slightly colour the water.  S'koi Blue is a water colorant that will give shade within the water.  It is completely safe to use and will not harm aquatic life.  It is non-toxic to people, fish, water fowl and livestock.

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S'koi Blue




At the beginning of January 2004, we were appointed by Steetley Bentonite and Absorbents Ltd as their sole distributors for orders up to 5 tonnes for their bentonite product used in the construction of pond linings.

Our Bentonite is a clay mineral that is supplied in two forms.  One is a fine powder and the other is a granule.  These forms of bentonite have the ability to absorb large amounts of water and, in so doing, can expand as much as tenfold.  When absorbing water and swelling by a process of hydration, Bentonite becomes sticky.  It thus has the ability to bind soil or sand particles together.  Hydrated bentonite will then resist the passage of further water and thus can be used as a sealing material.  It is safe to use and is environmentally friendly.

Bentonite Product
The bentonite product sold for pond lining is called Steebent CE.  It is processed from a European calcium bentonite.  Its swelling and water absorbency properties are improved by adding sodium carbonate.

-    Pondlining using Steebent CE Powder

Pack Sizes
Both grades of Steebent CE bentonite are packed in 25kg bags.  We are able to supply direct to the user 1 bag or 5 tonnes (200 bags).

The delivered prices for one bag is given below.  Discounts are given for quantity, eg for 20 bags, 45% discount is given.  Contact us for prices for specific quantities up to 5 tonnes.

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BEPK /250  

Bentonite powder




Bentonite granular