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The Nitrogen Cycle

"Think Nitrate"

Whilst much of our emphasis has been on the removal of blanketweed and other algae from ponds by using Viresco™, it is worthwhile looking at the problem from a different perspective.

Perhaps one aim of all pondkeepers should be to remove nitrate completely from pondwater and then to keep it at zero for as long as possible. Whether blanketweed or other algae are present is, therefore, not really a consideration. Viresco™ Aqua and Viresco™ Koi will take down the nitrate level to zero and keep it there for some time. An extra benefit of this is that any algae will die of starvation. However, we should look at the removal of nitrate as the prime objective in relation to fish health. As well as being the main food source for algae, once nitrate is removed and kept away, the pond becomes a healthier place for fish and other aquatic animals. We have been informed by numerous pondkeepers that, when nitrate is at zero, fish become "livelier", are "happier"and become "different creatures".

Remember, the more fish there are in a pond, the more nitrate will arise. Many people over-stock their ponds because they have excess filtration capacity. Many pondkeepers over-feed their fish. There is also a tendency for many pondkeepers to use more high protein food. All these actions mean that more ammonia is produced than would normally be expected. This means that more nitrite and nitrate arise as a consequence. In order for our Viresco product to successfully remove the nitrate, more of it should be introduced into the pond to compensate for the increase in nitrate arising from the extra excrement.

We therefore recommend that pondkeepers should "THINK NITRATE" and set out to take nitrate levels down to zero. Herbicidal chemicals used for killing algae do not address the problem of nitrate in pondwater. When the chemical is dissipated, the algae starts to grow again as the nitrate is still present in the pondwater. Neither do the electronic/magnetic gadgets address the problem of nitrate. Other than a microbial approach, it would appear that only the installation of vegetable filters or regular water changes do anything to reduce nitrate levels. Even with these methods, rarely will the nitrate level drop to zero and stay there. Our Viresco™ products will remove nitrate completely and keep it at zero for some time.

The Nitrogen Cycle
We recommend that regular nitrate testing of the pondwater is carried out when our Viresco™ algae suppression products are used. Check the nitrate level before applying Viresco™ and then repeat the test approximately every week thereafter. The nitrate reading will fall to zero and the algae will die. Keep testing the nitrate weekly and use the reading to decide when to make further applications of product.

Where does the nitrate come from? It mainly arises indirectly from the protein that is the food fish take in. It will also arise from the decay of organic debris in ponds. The diagram below shows how ammonia, nitrite and nitrate arise in a pond. Nitrosomonas bacteria in the filter convert the ammonia to nitrite and then nitrobacter bacteria convert the nitrite to nitrate. To complete the cycle, anaerobic conditions are required to reduce the nitrate to gaseous nitrogen and oxygen.

The Nitrogen Cycle


Nitrate Test Kit

Nitrate Test Kits    Basket Buy Online
Our microbial products work by bringing the nitrate content in ponds and aquariums down to zero so that blanketweeed and algae cannot grow.  We often recommend nitrate testing to our customers to help monitor nitrate levels and now we are able to offer a kit. We researched the market and discovered that many of the existing test kits involved mixing of chemicals and complex instructions. Our kit is very easy to use – it consists of ten foil-wrapped dip-strips and a simple colour chart. It is packed in a flat plastic bag – ideal for mail-order and great for easy storage. As an added bonus, Viresco™
Nitrate Test Kit indicates presence of nitrite, allowing detailed checking of water quality.