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Viresco (UK) Ltd Tel: 44 (0)1845 525585 Fax: 44 (0)1845 523133 Email:sales@viresco-uk.com

Viresco (UK) Limited is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 5079726 VAT No: 481 9223 35 © 2003-2012

Suppliers of speciality products for the amateur pondkeeper and gardener worldwide

Customer Feedback on Aquatic Products

Examples of Viresco™ Success Stories in Britain and Abroad

Bob Moore of Texas ordered 5g of Viresco™ Aqua on 29th May to treat his small pond  He received it by 1st June and he emailed us on 28th June.  In his e-mail he said that after about 2½ weeks, the algae turned brown.  Then, in a few more days the water cleared. The “Before” and “After” photographs below illustrate the results.

         Before using Viresco Aqua         After using Viresco Aqua

"We've been using Viresco Aqua, Koi and Digester (not at the same time) for 5+ years on a grossly overstocked 10000 litres (ca 2200 gals) pond with koi and goldfish. Our water quality has been excellent throughout and we've had no blanket weed at all."

J.S. April 2017

"Our pond in front of the offices is now completely clear of blanketweed thanks to your product. I used two applications and this certainly did the trick. Even the sludge at the bottom has gone. We have used Viresco Aqua for years and now the population of bacteria must have gone critical. Everyone is delighted. "

Mr M. Nutley, August 2015

"I wanted to write and express my sincere thanks for your amazing product. After years of being tormented by blanket weed in my small garden fish pond , which in the past has resulted in fish deaths and a constant ongoing battle to try to clear it. This year since adding your "magic powder" in March I have had absolutely none! I cannot believe what a difference it has made not only to my fish but to my overall enjoyment of my pond...Thank you so much...I would strongly recommend this product to any pond owner… you will not be disappointed!! Many Many Thanks."

Mr D. Leeds, June 2015

"Within 24 hours of adding Viresco Aqua (5g) to my pond you can already see a huge difference, the blanket weed that was visible from the sides of the pond has started to disappear. Have ordered my 2nd 5g bag ready for use when I need it! Great product and would recommend it to anyone. "

Mr C. Leicester June 2015

"I regularly use Viresco Aqua. The most effective algae and pond balance system you can ever buy. Absolute value for money and does what they say it will and more. I've tried all sorts but Viresco sorts my pond within 24/48 hours!!!!"

Mr S. Newcastle-under-Lyme - June 2015

"Your products STILL exceed all one's expectations. 100% recommendations from me!"

Mr. P.C. Wiseman - October 2013

"Your product is frankly magical in its effectiveness and I have just bought another small sachet of the 'Aqua' as backup for later in the year although I doubt I will need it. Your product has literally saved me over a hundred pounds a year and many hours of toil. Thank you again."

Mr. W., Fleetwood, Lancs - May 2013

"Just a note to let you know how delighted I have been with the results of using Viresco Aqua to clear algae bloom from my fish pond. I followed the instructions given in the leaflet and was amazed that after one day the bloom showed signs of clearing. After three days the water was virtually clear."

Mr. H – North Yorkshire, UK - March 2012

"(Viresco Koi) Well to keep it short – it worked great! …I rode out the rest of the season with no blanketweed appearances at all! Needless to say, I remain a big fan and proponent of Viresco and your wonderful product!"

Mr. D’A – Ontario, Canada – Jan 2012

"Love your Viresco Aqua! Struggling for 10 years with our pond here in Pennsylvania. Stumbled on your website and loved what I saw. Ordered your product and pond is now fantastic. Fish are happy, lilies are happy and we are very happy. No more green water!! Thanks so much!"

Ms W – Pennsylvania – Sept 2011

"Last summer I obtained a packet of Viresco Aqua and I have found the product highly effective in clearing my small fishpond of green algae. The water has been beautifully clear ever since application and I have been most satisfied."

Mr S – Scotland – May 2011

"I just wished to report that one week ago I treated my small pool approx 275 gallons with one eighth of your 5g pack of Viresco Aqua and the results are absolutely superb! Since the water temperature has only just begun to rise there wasn’t much blanketweed but I am troubled badly by it in the summer. However the water was not a good colour but is now sparkling and the fish are very active. I’m looking forward to a good pool summer. Best remedy I’ve ever tried and very economical and you can quote me."

Mr S – West Midlands – March 2011

"Just a note to say that the Viresco Aqua worked beautifully last year with only one application, hence the reorder. I had blanket weed growing at about 6”+ per day and it was a nightmare to control. The Viresco Aqua took about 3 weeks to work fully but what a difference it made. The pond was totally clear of the blanket weed and I could at last see the fish properly. I shall be using it again this year but much earlier this time. I am fully convinced that I won’t suffer from the problem at all and I wholeheartedly recommend the product. Thank you."

Ms H - South Yorkshire – January 2011


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